A couple days ago we were fortunate enough to premiere the one-sheet for Woody Allen's new offering Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Now Yahoo! has the second trailer for the movie, and the first one with any dialogue.

I reserve judgment on the film (since, uh, I haven't seen it yet), but I already know that Rebecca Hall deserves an Oscar just for her delivery of "Look, señor, maybe in a different life..." And it's good to see Javier Bardem playing a normal, non-homicidal, fully ambulatory human being.

The most interesting thing for me is that Vicky Cristina Barcelona doesn't fit the mold of anything Woody Allen has churned out in the 21st century: it looks to be neither a goofy screwball comedy nor a slow-burn, class-conscious thriller. Instead, it seems like a perfectly earnest, if idiosyncratic, love triangle. And that's an interesting move at this point in his career.

The plot: A hotshot artist (Javier Bardem) invites two young women (Hall and Scarlett Johansson) on vacation in Barcelona to spend the weekend with him, but his ex-wife (Penelope Cruz) becomes determined to ruin the fun. It must have been a fun shoot for Bardem and Allen, I'll tell you that much.