South Korean filmmakers are facing a box office crisis. "Local movies accounted for just 7.8% of the South Korean box office in May," The Hollywood Reporter noted, "the lowest level since records were started in 2000." Domestic film admissions are only half what they were two years ago. Therefore, hopes are high that tomorrow's release of Public Enemy Returns will start to lure audiences back into theaters.

The original Public Enemy was a box office hit in 2002. Sol Kyung-gu starred as Detective Kang, an anti-heroic cop chasing a family man turned killer. Mixing comedy with bloody action, director Kang Woo-suk made a dark, funny and smart film, according to Kang next made the terrific real-life drama Silmido (2003), the disappointing sequel Another Public Enemy (2005) and the poorly-received Hanbando (2006).

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