In case you were feeling like there just wasn't enough feel-good sports drama on the big screen, we're about to get a whole lot more. Variety reports that John Davis has teamed up with television producer Bruce Nash to develop a collection of sports-themed films that stem from Nash's "Amazing Sports Stories."
Davis got turned onto the idea after producing The Express, the story of Ernie Davis (the first African-American to win the Heisman). Mixing that with Nash, who has written a whopping 60 books on sports history, and we have a lot of sports drama in our future. Davis says that there are "so many untold triumph-of-the-human-spirit stories that just work so well for movies."

One idea is to focus on the story of Bert Shepard, the only one-legged MLB player. But these films won't just be solitary tales. Another idea on the plate is the story about how the Pittsburgh Steelers had to meld with the Philadelphia Eagles in 1943, when WWII made healthy players scarce.

Are there any stories you want on the big screen, sports fans?
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