So what do you think? Is former PunisherThomas Jane the right man to bring gun-slinging Jonah Hex to the big screen? Film School Rejects is posting what they claim might be test shots of Jane as Hex in the adaptation of John Albano and Tony DeZuniga's western comic -- and if it's a fake, it's a darn good one. The photo might look legit, but there hasn't even been a casting announcement for the film, which leads me to believe that it could just be an overzealous fan with some time on their hands (and Photoshop on their computer). There had been some chatter that Firefly's Nathan Fillion was in talks for the lead, but nothing was ever confirmed.

Hex is the story of a former confederate solider turned bounty hunter with a drinking problem and an itchy trigger finger. In the original run of the comic, Hex stuck to traditional western story lines, but in a later incarnation, there was a touch of the supernatural thrown in; pitting Jonah against zombies and werewolves. Warners first announced the project last year, with Crank's Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor to write and direct; the two had promised that they would be using the later 'supernatural' editions of Hex as a starting point for the story.

But for now, it's all rumor and speculation, so stay tuned to Cinematical for the official word.

UPDATE:Shock says it's a fake, straight from the mouth of Mark Neveldine. So there goes that ...

UPDATE 2: FSR spoke to Jane who says the photo is real, and it was part of his audition to play the character.
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