You might remember a new film I posted about last year called Son of Mourning. The film was set to star Joseph Cross (Running with Scissors) as a young man who goes to Florida to process his parent's divorce. While there, he is mistaken for the Messiah, and has to decide what he wants with his new-found fame -- to help himself out, or to help the world. Just to make things more interesting, the world is in the midst of an international climate crisis. Tim Curry, Heather Graham, and Barbara Hershey had also signed on for roles.

And now we're getting some female Sopranos in the mix, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Both Lorraine Bracco and Jamie-Lynn Sigler have signed on to the indie satire. Bracco will play Cross' soon-to-be-divorced mom, while Sigler will play his love interest. Originally, I'd imagined that Hershey and Curry will be the parents, but sadly, it looks like they might have left the project. (No!) The THR story only lists Graham, and the IMDb listing doesn't mention Barbara Hershey and says that Curry is only a rumored addition. If any of you Mourning crew are reading, give us the low-down!
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