According to Variety, the hotly-discussed Spike Lee has just signed on for his next movie. He personally bought the rights to Dr. Ronald Mallett's memoir Time Traveler: A Scientist's Personal Mission to Make Time Travel a Reality.

Mallet's story is a fascinating and inspiring one. (And you may have already encountered him last year on an episode of This American Life.) He rose from poverty to become one of the nation's first African-Americans to obtain a doctorate in theoretical physics. He is also engaged in serious time-travel research, and continues to receive funding to build a time machine. The technical plans are even outlined in his book, for those of you who can actually understand physics.

His interest in time travel actually arises from personal tragedy. He has been obsessed with it since the tender age of 10, when he lost his father to a serious heart attack. Inspired by H.G. Wells' The Time Machine, he wanted to build one of his own to save his father's life. This tragic element was one of the elements that drew Lee to Mallett's story.

Time travel is one of those subjects which intrigues everyone -- and combined with an inspiring personal story, I think Lee has a winner on his hands. Between this and the promising Miracle at St. Anna, I would like to think he is evolving from controversy to a quieter style of film making, while letting the stories speak for themselves.

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