Last Friday, Judd Apatow was presented with the Visionary Award at The Hollywood Reporter's Key Art Awards. So, before Apatow took the stage to accept his award, they played a pretty fun reel celebrating the man's work. Sure, it's kinda your typical clip montage, but when you're talking about the films of Judd Apatow, said montage will not only be filthy and funny ... but also come with a nice helping of heart.

Following the montage, Apatow took the stage for a very odd acceptance speech. Instead of thanking all the wonderful people he's worked with over the years, dude decided to read a private email exchange between himself and a girl named Maria who was in charge of putting together the reel. And if you've ever been part of a typical PR-esque email exchange, this one will totally make you laugh. Regardless, the reel and the speech are worth a watch, and, as such, have been awarded a spot as our video of the day. That's two awards for Judd in one week!

But because of the harsh, R-rated language, we've included the video after the jump. Did you hear that work people? Harsh, R-rated language. You've been warned ...

P.S. If you look real close about halfway through, you'll see they used a Cinematical post written by yours truly in the montage. Thanks THR!