He's not just a painfully loyal sidekick any more!

After helping Shia LaBeouf solve crimes while the dude was house-bound, Aaron Yoo got wacky, and then bet on some 21. And now, he has scored himself an even bigger gig -- Lindsay Lohan's boyfriend! The Hollywood Reporter posts that he has joined the cast of Labor Pains, which is currently in production. However, he's still not getting the nice end of the stick, because he gets to play fake dad.

As Erik told us earlier this month when La Lohan signed on, Labor Pains follows a young woman who fakes a pregnancy to keep her nasty, publishing house boss from canning her. So, poor Yoo gets to become a faux inseminator. I wonder what that entails. Will he have to run out to the store for fake cravings? IMDb's summary says that she gets special treatment from everyone, so I wonder just how everyone buys this, and how she pulls it off. It's not so easy to fake a sonogram, but even more -- wouldn't her man at least notice that her stomach wasn't growing? Unless she vows that pregnancy has made her supremely modest as she wears head-to-toe ensembles to cover her fake belly, I can't see how he wouldn't find out. Oh, but I'm sure the magic of movies will figure something out.
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