It's a show-too-much trailer, which is missing some of the original's goodness, but I have to admit: My interest was piqued by the Death Race trailer that Erik shared last week. There were three things that got me: Joan Allen, Ian McShane, and "Welcome to the Jungle." Mixed together, they're enough to get me into the theater on a rainy day, hoping that it's an '80s rock fest of driving action. But now there's an official, tasty fourth reason. MTV has confirmed that David Carradine has a cameo.

Paul W.S. Anderson said that he didn't want the film "to become a cheesy cameo-fest," but one main player is coming back to the fold. Or, at least, I hope so. "There's obviously been, 'Oh, where's the David Carradine cameo?' It's there, and I think it's a nice thing for fans." Bring on Frankenstein!

However, I'm sure it can't be as cool as his Kwai Chang Caine-like cameo in Lizzie Maguire. Penned by the lovely sister/brother writing pair of Nina and Jeremy Bargiel, Carradine gets back into kung-fu fighting to help the wee Maguire become Jet Li's sidekick. (Go here to see the cameo, which starts at about 4:30.) Okay, I kid, but I still love that cameo.

The world needs more mainstream David Carradine (that's not a cameo in Epic Movie.)
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