To be, or not to be Hamlet 2? I was a really bummed when James Rocchi gave Hamlet 2 an iffy review from Sundance this year. I love Shakespeare, and I love Steve Coogan, so the project seemed like a wacky* dream come true. I'm still holding out hope that I'll respectfully disagree with him when the film hits theaters on August 22, but either way, I will always have Steve Coogan's sexy Jesus.

You might remember Erik mentioning "Rock Me, Sexy Jesus" in April. Yes, this is a musical number in the film, which is part of the crappy drama teacher's (Coogan) politically incorrect sequel to Hamlet. And now Yahoo has got most of the song available to check out -- from Be Kind Rewind's Melonie Diaz and her co-actresses singing on a bed, to Jesus coming down from the ceiling and getting his groove on. Seeing Coogan dance around in a white tank and tight jeans is just plain wonderful.

What do you think of Coogan's rockin' sexy Jesus?