When I first heard about the sci-fi flick, Moon, starring Sam Rockwell, I thought: Oh great, it's Castaway in space. But, now that I actually have an idea of what the film is about, my fears that it would be Rockwell talking to a futuristic volleyball for two hours are gone. Quiet Earth (a site dedicated to all things post-apocalyptic) has a first look at the poster and a still from Duncan Jones' (aka Zowie Bowie), futuristic thriller. It's a simple one-sheet, and I did like it at first. Unfortunately, some of the thrill has been lost since the sharp eyes over at io9 noticed some striking similarities to another sci-fi poster.

Rockwell stars as Sam Bell, a contractor with a mining corporation called LUNAR. After three years spent in isolation mining helium, Bell has been dreaming of his family and waiting for his contract to end. When he begins to hear and see things that make him uneasy, he begins to investigate the nature of his 'replacement' on the station. Jones wrote the original story, but got a little help from a first time screenwriter named Nathan Parker on the screenplay. Quiet Earth also posted a full synopsis for the film back in March, but the story is a bit of a mind-twister, so if you're worried about spoilers, you should probably steer clear.

has not secured a distribution deal yet, but hopefully the buzz surrounding Rockwell's performance in Choke will help this production gain a little steam.

Moon is expected to arrive in theaters on May 25th, 2009.

[via First Showing]