When my parents used to drag me along traveling as a young kid, not much would phase me. However, even at a young age, there was no way I could not be in awe of the Grand Canyon. It's a huge and stunning landscape that reveals almost two billion years of history, and small pictures just don't do it justice. So, now we're getting IMAX 3D. The Hollywood Reporter posts that National Geographic is planning to distribute Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets to theaters worldwide, starting in 2009.

The funny thing is -- this isn't a new film, but Kieth Merrill's 34-minute short from 1984. It's also a film that, according to the National Geographic website, has been screening in their Visitor Center every day for about 20 years. Talk about lasting power. The film covers "man's fragile kinship" with the canyon, and then goes into the history, from the Anasazi to Major John Wesley Powell.

Now, if this picks up, and other awe-inspiring geographical locations get short films, I'm hoping we get a 3D IMAX walk through El camino del Rey. Just watching the walk in a small frame is freaky enough. I can't begin to imagine what it would be like huge, and 3D.
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