Anyone kind of wish Quentin Tarantino would chill and experiment with actually releasing a single, standalone movie rather than bizarro omnibuses and multi-part sagas? Well, too damn bad. Harry Knowles has a fairly lengthy piece on an interview with Tarantino that will be included for the forthcoming DVD release of the original Enzo Castellari version of Inglorious Bastards, which Tarantino is currently remaking/expanding/tributing. (Remember when he announced that he planned to have it ready for Cannes 2009? That was awesome.) In it, Tarantino discusses his plans for the film, including the fact that while writing the script (which he's still polishing), he did so much research that his story bubbled over into a second movie. In other words: here we go again.

Look, I'm happy to indulge the guy; really, I am. I sit through most movies anyway, and I have no problem sitting through an extra one by a filmmaker as interesting and skilled as Tarantino. He's bursting with ideas; fantastic. But there's a lot to be said for brevity and storytelling efficiency too.

The original Inglorious Bastards will hit DVD in a lavish 3-disc edition -- wait, make that "3-disc explosive edition" -- on July 29th. I note without comment that the Castellari film itself runs 99 minutes.
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