I'm not sure what's going on with the high school version of Groundhog Day, Monday Monday, that Erik posted about last year. Flint Wainess wrote the script, and it was said to feature a teen who has to relive his first day of high school over and over until he does it right. But now we're getting a different spin on the theme. Instead of groundhogs or pimple-ridden teens, we're getting weddings.

The Hollywood Reporter posts that Universal is getting in on the action with Repeat After Me, a pitch coming from Dave H. Johnson, who has already sold another wedding-centric pitch called Man Wedding. In Repeat After Me, a couple realizes "that they are reliving their disastrous wedding day again and again and start to question getting married in the first place."

This is a bit of a switch on the old theme -- two people instead of one, and getting out of romance instead of into it.
If this plays out as it suggests -- a cautionary tale about getting married capriciously -- it could be a nice change of pace.
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