Wall·E clips have been hitting the Internet about every two seconds in the past two weeks. I haven't watched a single one of them, because I don't want to see a second more of this movie until the lights go down in the theatre. But I couldn't resist watching, and posting, this new trailer from IGN. If you do not want to see even five seconds of new footage, avoid it, but it doesn't feel too spoiler-ish of a trailer. Instead, it is a wicked spoof of every post-apocalyptic trailer made in the last ten years, but it casts our cute robots as action heroes. Or at least Eve is -- that is one tough girl! There is a bit of "Princess Leia on the Death Star" about her.

I'm not sure if this movie is actually as explosion packed as the trailer implies, or if it is just edited really well. Clearly, someone at Pixar is having way too much fun.

Wall*E opens June 27th.