I'll admit that I've never actually been seduced by a movie poster ... until now. Yahoo has debuted four of the standalone female Spirit posters, two of which (Eva Mendes as Sand Sarif and Scarlett Johansson as Silken Floss) we've already seen. Now, as pictured above, we also get to check out Jaime King as Lorelei Rox (and, yes, she definitely rox) and Sarah Paulson as Ellen Dolan. Oh, but that's not even the best part -- when you head on over to Yahoo and move your cursor over the different posters, you get to hear each girl repeat the line scrolled across her face. Oh yes. It's pretty cool ... and pretty hot.

In addition to the talking posters, director Frank Miller has gone live with another blog post. In it, he talks about CGI and the role it plays in the industry, as well how it fits into The Spirit. Working with Stu Maschwitz, Miller says, "Stu Maschwitz, CGI wizard, helped me understand this. Of all people. Sure, Stu had the entire CGI arsenal at his disposal – but he insisted that THE SPIRIT be true to its soul. Even when I wanted to go for an impossible, across-the-city camera move, he balked, saying it would "look digital. And Stu wouldn't let one damn character turn into a "bendie" or digital in any way. Hence my favorite shot – the Spirit leaps onto a water tower, and stumbles, just for a moment. Pure Eisner." I'm diggin' this one so far, and look forward to seeing a lot more of it at Comic Con later this summer.

The Spirit hits theaters on December 25.
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