To be honest, these aren't exactly new glimpses at RocknRolla. These appeared in Empire's June 2008 preview issue, and were scanned in by Gerard Butler's fansites. I'm not ashamed to say I visit his sites once and awhile, as they do snag cool scoops like this. (And he's so pretty to look at!) But I find reposting photos like these, and last week's Game photo, to be problematic. They are really the domain of the magazines who publish them, and I'm not sure they want to share. I also figure that as devoted Butler fans buy the magazines, they should have the "exclusive" scan of them. Ultimately, this makes me lax in my online reporting, but I know the Butler fans are slightly upset that their galleries are being raided in this fashion, so I try not to be one of those pirates. But, as they are spreading across the Internet in rapid fashion, I shall now lay claim to bringing them to Cinematical. More photos are after the jump.
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