Thirteen years ago, well before You Don't Mess with the Zohan, Adam Sandler was Billy Madison -- the twenty-something slacker who had to go back to school to prove his worth to his father. But it wasn't just hitting the halls of high school; Billy slid his adult butt into the teeny chairs for elementary education. And now we're getting another academic fish out of water story, but of the home-schooled variety.

The Hollywood Reporter posts that DreamWorks has picked up a pitch by Mike Arnold and Chris Poole called Home Schooled. It's about some 30-year-old guy who has done his learnin' from home, and is now going to head off to college. If it took him that long to finish elementary and high school, I'm betting this transition won't go smoothly, and will probably have some Old School wildness to boot.

While we haven't seen any of their work on the big screen yet, Arnold and Poole are on a role. The Grackle has been picked up by New Line for Matthew McConaughey to star in; Captain Awesome was picked up by Fox Atomic; they're writing The Litigator as part of a blind script deal; and finally, they've got Beaujolais going at Fox, with the Farrelly brothers producing and Danny McBride starring. That's not too bad for a duo who write their scripts through Skype.
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