We're a little late to the party on this, but I wanted to share with you news that Cinematical was listed among 14 other sites in a PC Magazine article titled: The Best Web Sites for Movie Fans. This, along with our recent Vanity Fair mention, means Cinematical is well on its way to taking over the world. (Now we're just waiting for a mention in Taking Over the World Magazine, and it's off to the races from there! Woohoo!)

PC Mag gives Cinematical a mention in the movie blogs section of the piece, where we're featured alongside friends from FEARnet, io9 and Slashfilm. Here's the description they give: "Operated by the Weblogs Network, Cinematical is jam-packed with interviews, reviews, news, photo galleries, movie clips, and more." (Personally, I would've added something along the lines of ... "And we've heard everyone who writes for Cinematical is, like, totally hot and brilliant" ... but what they have is just fine.)

So thanks PC Magazine for being our friend! And thanks to all of you out there for reading, listening and sharing your thoughts.

(Now here's where we all high-five each other, turn and point at the camera with a "we mean business" stare.)