It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... oh, my.

Look, when you change the title of your drunken superhero tentpole from Tonight, He Comes to Hancock for fear of senseless jokes, you're all but asking for the kind of trouble that we've posted after the jump (it's nothing terribly scarring, people, but for all its sophomoric glory, it's a fair bet that either you or your boss might deem it to be NSFW).

Basically, a half-assembled London billboard for the Will Smith blockbuster-to-be was snapped in a state short of a few critical characters, and it's thusly made the rounds on these magical interwebs of ours. We got our glimpse over at award prognosticator Kristopher Tapley's In Contention site, and Tapley goes on to provide no less than three other links from whence this picture came.

Anyway, make your way past the jump to get your giggles on, and expect Hancock to land in theaters everywhere a week from tomorrow night.

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