Now that Wanted is ready to hit the big screen and early buzz has been positive, it should come as no surprise that Mark Millar's other film project has kicked into high gear. Comic Book Resources got the chance to speak with Millar about the upcoming feature film adaptation of his work when the conversation turned to the feature film version of his Icon series, Kick-Ass. Millar tells Resources, "The casting's all been done, and everything's all in line now with that. There's two big names attached, which I can't mention so we can get on the cover of 'Variety.' And now we've got everyone. The kids who show up at the end of issue #3 - we just cast the girl, and that was a really tricky one because we needed to find someone who could do martial arts stuff."

The story of Kick-Ass is a little different from your average tale of a caped crusader. Instead, Kick was told through flashbacks about a 15-year-old kid named Dave Lizewski. Dave is just a regular kid with no special powers or abilities, but he makes the incredibly dangerous decision to become a superhero. Early speculation has Matthew 'Layer Cake' Vaughn handling the script and directing duties, but so far nothing has been confirmed -- and Millar has kept quiet on that front.

So let the games begin: sound off below on who you think can fill Lizewski's homemade tights.
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