"So you know what Ive been doin' -- going through the address book and crossing out the dead people." -- George Carlin during his final HBO performance, It's Bad for Ya.

I forget exactly which HBO special it was, but my first introduction to George Carlin was through the cable network when I was real young (we're talking early '80s). Funny story, too, as my mother and father caught me watching Carlin -- and all his profanity-laced commentary -- late one night when they arrived home from somewhere. My mother was all upset, and thought I was too young to be hearing that kind of language. Meanwhile, my father -- and I'll never forget this -- told her, "He's gonna learn this stuff some day -- I'd rather him learn the words from someone who knows how to use them." I've been hooked ever since.

Never got to see the guy in person, though, but my wife (who's a bigger fan than I am) and I came close a few times. Just never happened. Such is life. This is one that really hurts, but I look forward to all the tributes that are sure to arrive in the coming days. Enough babbling, watch Carlin talk about death up above (a bit I'm sure he'd want us all to watch right now) and let us know your favorite Carlin moments down below.

Note: Video above contains foul language.