A few weeks ago I snagged a really sweet deal at the video store: A Chucky four-pack for $10. Granted, it's far from my favorite horror series, but hell: Four flicks for 10 bucks is a good deal, doubly so when those movies offer the voice of Brad Dourif as a homicidal toy. But when I got the DVDs home, I realized I should have looked a little closer: As this was a Universal Home Video 4-pack, the movies I got were Child's Play 2 (1990), Child's Play 3 (1991), Bride of Chucky (1998), and Seed of Chucky (2004). Still a pretty solid deal ... but I wanted the first (and best) Chucky misadventure: Part 1!

Logic indicates that Part 1 was not included for one simple reason: The sequels are Universal properties, whereas the original Child's Play (currently available on nasty-ass Full-Frame DVD only) is an MGM title. But I didn't offer all this boring background information for no reason: According to Bloody D, a new Child's Play special edition is due for release on September 9. The 20th Anniversary edition will feature two audio commentaries (one with screenwriter Don Mancini and producer David Kirschner, the other with actors Catherine Hicks and Alex Vincent, and FX designer Kevin Yagher), a new "making of " documentary, and a third commentary track with Dourif "in character" as Chucky. Best of all, the flick will arrive wearing a swanky new 16x9 widescreen transfer.
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