"I am the other 7 foot Aussie giant actor," Conan Stevens commented on Friday in response to my recent post on the Thai action movie Somtum. That's the one starring Nathan Jones, a 7-foot tall Australian wrestling strongman turned actor. Jones stars as Barney Emerald, a gentle-spirited non-fighter who learns Muay Thai and encounters crazed foreigners and stolen diamonds. One of those "crazed foreigners" is none other than Conan Stevens.

Stevens linked to his entertaining blog, in which he writes about the launch of the movie in Thailand. He relates funny stories about the premiere showing for cast and crew, and admits that he and a fellow actor were more interested in seeing how they came across in the movie than in the movie itself, which is entirely understandable. Somtum was, unfortunately, not a big hit, but as Stevens notes, it was competing against several big Hollywood releases.

He says that production company Baa Ram Ewe is targeting overseas markets. I'd expect a DVD release in Thailand within 3-4 months, judging by how long it took previous action smash Chocolate to make its way to DVD. Stevens says the dialogue in Somtum is about half English, half Thai, so fans may still want to pick up the Thai DVD even if it doesn't have English sub-titles. Stevens' site is jammed full of good stories and photos, so check it out to learn more about making movies and living life in the "Land of Smiles."
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