While she made a name for herself with her stint as Wednesday Addams, Christina Ricci has always dipped into brighter and colorful fare here and there. Before the goth, she was Kate in Mermaids, and after, she wiggled her colorful toe socks in The Ice Storm, performed that sexy, bowling alley dance in pale blue for Buffalo '66, and even went a shade of Pumpkin. But with the recent Speed Racer, she took it to another level: super, ultra-vibrant, unrealistic color.

But that's nothing compared to her next gig, which doesn't have her changing race like Robert Downey Jr., but has her going yellow. Crayon yellow. Luckily, it's not live-action. The Hollywood Reporter posts that she is going to voice the lead in a new animated CG feature called The Hero of Color City. She'll play a timid crayon called Yellow, who is one of many crayons threatened when "an evil tyrant" appears to remove color from their world. Could a timid, yellow gal be the hero? The picture was penned by J.P. McCormick, Rich Raczelowski, and Evan Spiliotopoulos, and will be directed by Becky Bristow.

There is already talk of "merchandise, art supplies, and educational products," so expect a big wave of crayon-centric marketing and coloring books coming our way. At least this marketing kick will inspire tykes to create things.
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