If you caught Kim's recent post about revisiting Brideshead Revisited, you'll remember that we're about to get more Emma Thompson in theaters as Lady Marchmain. As the film's July 26 release date zooms closer, buzz for the film is increasing, but it's not all run-of-the-mill Q&A's and that typical PR chatter. Vanity Fair just threw up a great discussion with the actress, one that took an appropriate, literary angle. Instead of the usual, they had her answer the classic Proust Questionnaire.

I could do without a lead-in that lists "ponders her thighs" as the first mention of what Thompson discussed, but the actual answers are a fun read. Thompson covers a number of areas, from her loving women with the "ability to laugh in the face of disaster," to discussions of those she admires, and her love of wine. It's amazing how much information can be jam-packed into one word answers that provide a quick and fun interview. I'm surprised that in this modern day, where brevity is adored, more people aren't getting Proustian.

*They've also put one up for the late and great George Carlin, from 2001.

[via Anne Thompson]
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