Update: Fox has asked us to remove the other two posters since they are not official artwork for the films, but were designed specifically for the trade show. We've been told the official artwork will look nothing like what was presented here.

The Cinema EXPO in Amsterdam is in full swing, and a whole crop of new posters and banners have hit the net (click image above to enlarge). Film1 seems to be the source for all of this stuff, as they've been on the scene at the EXPO all week. Honestly, a combination of cinema and Amsterdam means I NEED to hit this sucker up next year. Film1 also has a few others, including some sort of promo for Watchmen, Monsters vs. Aliens, Wall·E, Ice Age 3 and Madagascar 2.

You'll notice on the Baroness character poster, the subtitle of Rise of Cobra is still there. And is it too early to give Sienna Miller the title of hottest villain in 2009? Doesn't even look like her, right? Meanwhile, the Dragonball art has remained consistent with everything else we've been seeing from that film -- and I believe this is the first piece of marketing material from The Day the Earth Stood Still remake, starring Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connelly. I'm sure we'll get cleaner images of these in the coming days, but until then, whaddya think?