Lies are really popular lately. Forget about the white variety. I'm talking about the big, whopping vortex of lies that can, in no way, lead to anything good. We've already got Lindsay Lohan experiencing fake Labor Pains in order to keep from getting fired by her jerky boss. Now, we've got cancer lies.

The Hollywood Reporter posts that Dan Byrd, Emily VanCamp, and Adam Goldberg are going to star in a new indie comedy called Norman. The coming-of-age story, directed by Jonathan Segal (The Last Run), focuses on the title character (Bird). He's "a darkly comic teen who deals with his problems by pretending to be dying of cancer. The lie complicates relationships between him and his new high school girlfriend (VanCamp) and between him and his teacher (Goldberg)." Gee, ya think? It's funny that girls don't want their boyfriends to succumb to cancer.

One would assume that a quick call home would dispel such rumors and get Norman a good case of the grounding, but I guess he's able to wiggle this rumor around his parental figures. The project is currently shooting in Spokane.
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