After the trailer comes the first poster for Guy Ritchie's RocknRolla. It originated on Film1 (Erik posted some cool posters from them yesterday), and was then sent to me by one of the delightful chicks at Gerard Butler GALS. They will be my new best friends if they keep this up.

Compared to the trailer, it's a pretty subdued affair. It's a little bit Smokin' Aces, and a little bit The Boondock Saints, but stylish and badass all on its own. Despite Gerard Butler's torso being so prominent in the trailer, it seems Warner Bros found it a distraction when it came to the poster. They decided to let another actor show off his six-pack, but I think they should have let Tom Wilkinson show off his bald pate instead.

comes to American theatres October 31st. But if you're going to San Diego ComicCon, the rumor is that you'll get a footage fix before then. I'll be there front and center. I need a fix to tide me over until fall.