If you were itching for some extremely bloody and gory footage today, you can get your fill after the jump, with the Pink Eye trailer. According to The Hollywood Reporter, this super-low-budget horror flick was picked up by Halo-8 Entertainment, and will get its limited release this summer, before hitting DVD shelves on September 30.

Personally, I was hoping for actual pink eye, since I appreciate the horror flicks that dip into the wacky -- maybe some exploding pustules or something. Instead, this film, directed by James Tucker, focuses on an insane asylum where docs are performing illegal drug tests on the patients. This turns the poor folks into homicidal, hallucinating maniacs, and then one of the deformed bugger breaks out of the hospital and things don't go well.

If this is your cup of bloody tea, you can get more info on the flick's MySpace page, and read a review at Bloody Disgusting.