UPDATE: Check out the newly-released Watchmen trailer right here!

It was awesome to see character stills from Watchmen, and then get a glimpse of the Minutemen, but the news that has just gone up on Collider is even sweeter. Some of it is location-specific, so let's start with the stuff we can all enjoy. As if there wasn't already enough reasons to watch The Dark Knight, it looks like a trailer for Watchmen will slip in with all that dark bat goodness. Zack Snyder didn't say for sure, but when Collider asks, his smile and word scramblage are pretty darned revealing. It better be true! It's been a while since I've gone gaga for a trailer as much as a film.

But that's not all. Yeah, he says Doc Manhattan looks cool, which is a relief, but he's also got some great Comic Con news for you lucky buggers that get to go: First, there will be a few minutes of footage to ooh and ahh over. But it also looks like some Nite Owl rumors could be true. When asked whether Nite Owl's ship would land at Comic Con, Zack once again tripped over his words and let out that revealing smile as he discussed how expensive it would be to do so. Expensive, but so very sweet. I can only hope that bit is true for you fans out there. The ship is awesome. Really, absolutely awesome.

Other nuggets you can check out in the video interview: the battle for running time, making the release date, and other nibblets.

Excited yet? No? Then check out our Watchmen gallery below ...

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