To the right, you can check out a small version of the Death Race poster, which you can check out in all its big glory over at ShockTillYouDrop. It's a little too serious for my tastes, but what do you think? I mean, it's obvious that this flick won't be half as campy as the original, but methinks the carnage should be given the most focus, rather than a bunch of actors putting on their best "serious face."

My piqued interest in Death Race was short-lived. After writing about David Carradine getting a cameo in the pic, and how I started to get interested in the flick after seeing the trailer, I did a dumb thing. I watched the original again. It was a very dumb move.

As I watched Frankenstein, Machine Gun Joe Viterbo, and the rest plow over medical professionals, picnickers, and other pedestrians, my interest in the new version was completely zapped. The original story is great, as is the idea behind the remake, but you need the pedestrian points. A lot of them (not just one or two). Without it, it's just a bunch of dudes in cars trying to pull off a Grease-esque car race much too seriously.