My morning was made when Erik posted about Peter Travers' glowing review of The Dark Knight, although that also makes it all the more painful that I will be nowhere near a movie theater on July 18. (Please let there be midnight screenings!) Anyhow, as the Batman buzz continues to increase, there's a good interview with Christian Bale in Parade Magazine. There are excerpts on the mag's website, plus some extras at Just Jared.

The biggest nuggets: First off, Bale is all about Batman -- to the point that he's said: "What Batman is all about is a double-sided edge; there's a duality to this character, which makes him still interesting to play in the sequel -- I hope in a third," and " I don't know if I will grow out of it one day. But I still have a love of just being perverse." The big, dark feature film wings have never made it to a fourth installment with the same actor, but it's excellent to hear how into the character he is.

Bale also talks about the future and Terminator: "We have an opportunity with it for a continuation, but also a reinvention, and I have to say, much the same way in my mind as we have with Batman." This isn't as cool. Batman's life was set up well before the films, and the world of John Connor wasn't, so I'm not sure how well a whole reinvention can work when we haven't even gotten one full version. Thoughts?

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