Theologian, philosopher, musician, and Nobel Peace Prize-winning physician Albert Schweitzer is getting another biopic, once again titled: Schweitzer.

Variety reports that Jeroen Krabbe (Immortal Beloved) and Barbara Hershey have signed on to star in British director Gavin Millar's film, joining the ranks of Judith Godreche, Samuel West, Jeanette Hain, Jonathan Firth (Colin's brother), and Armin Rohde. Set in 1949, the biopic focuses on the early days of the Cold War when Schweitzer travels to the United States to raise money for his clinic in west central Africa.

While there, he "finds himself caught in the battle lines of world politics." Krabbe is playing Schweitzer, while Hershey has taken the role of his wife and assistant, Helene. This is just a wee bit different than some of Krabbe's recent mainstream work: he played Gaspar Voorsboch in Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo, and van der Woude in Ocean's Twelve.

Last time Schweizer got a film, it was from Gray Hofmeyr, and starred Malcolm McDowell as Albert, and Susan Strasberg as Helene. That feature, however, didn't get very far, so hopefully this take will be able to cook up a little more buzz and critical coverage.

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