Oh, how I've dreamed of parent class. Some kids are the paragon of good behavior, and allow the kiddie cuteness to shine bright, but others ... the hellions that scream through a restaurant throughout dinner, ride over the toes of unsuspecting pedestrians with their tricycles, crawl all over you on a plane where you can't escape ... Or the parents who think corn chips are a healthy vegetable meal for their kids, or think boredom needs to be rectified by medication ... For them, I've always wished there was a mandatory parent class.

At least there will be one on the big screen. The Hollywood Reporter posts that Overture has picked up a pitch called Parent Class from Toni Kotite and Marty Scott. The project will focus on "a divorced couple who are deemed unsatisfactory parents and must enroll in a class on how to improve their child-rearing skills." Producer James Gibb says that he once attended a child-rearing class, so they do exist, but I don't know about the mandatory aspect.

If done right, this could be a fun flick, between learning how to deal with the energy of a kid, and having to go through this all with an ex. Side note: I wonder -- do they have finals? Do they lock an ADD kid high on sugar in a room with the students and see how they handle the situation?

Have you ever taken a child-rearing class? What goes on at these things? And is there detention?
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