Well, it certainly seems that Mark Millar is becoming very popular in Hollywood these days. Pretty impressive considering his first movie adaptation hasn't even hit theaters yet. In an interview with the Sunday Herald, Millar let it drop that there have been some offers for his latest series, War Heroes. Millar told the Herald that there have already been two offers for the rights to the property, making Heroes the latest in a series of Millar's books headed for the big screen.

Millar describes War Heroes as Full Metal Jacket meets X-Men (which already sounds pretty awesome), and the story is set a few years in the future after John McCain has been elected president (and now you know you're in the realm of fiction). In Heroes, the US has been racked by terrorist attacks, so the government offers up superpowers to anyone willing to enlist in the military. But nothing ever goes that smoothly in the world of comic books, so as the story progresses, some less than savoury characters sign up to get the coveted powers.

Millar, unlike other comic book stars, seems to be happy turning his books into feature films. But don't think he's a babe in the woods when it comes to Hollywood; he seems to have a pretty good grasp on how the game works, telling the Herald, "They'll buy a project based on just a title, a blurb and an image." And if they smell what the business calls "high concept," they will go into a feeding frenzy."

Providing the box office receipts for Wanted are as good as everyone involved expects, it shouldn't take long for War Heroes to get a feature film deal of its own. What do you think? Sound interesting?
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