Above, you can check out the sweet-ass new trailer for Repo! The Genetic Opera. Using a little comic book flair, the trailer lays out just what has happened to the world to make it a bloody, repossession nightmare before diving into the music and clips. It looks bloody awesome, and not just for Anthony Head. This collection of clips brings to mind a gory Moulin Rouge, especially when featuring the Repo Man, Nathan Wallace's house, and his daughter, Shilo (Alexa Vega).

When the first footage of the opera was shown during the Spike Awards last year, the flick had an April release date. Now, it is screening at the Fantasia Fest, which Scott just blogged about, but no theatrical release date has been set. (IMDb says August 8, but both the trailer and Maple's release schedule say it's just coming soon.) Hopefully they pick a date soon, because my anticipation is getting the better of me.