Earlier this month, I posted about a contest for Full Grown Men. It's the story of a 30-something man and father (Matt McGrath) who can't seem to grow up, so he runs away from home -- right back to his childhood. But it's not just a case of a man taking comfort in environmental memories -- he puts on the whole kid suit, reverting back to the self-centered and pretty careless kid he once was as he tries to hook up with an old friend and find reinforcement for his idea that never growing up is okay.

I was able to see a screener of the film, which just opened in New York City, and it's not a bad indie. I will admit -- watching a man act like a selfish child can be pretty tiresome, but there are some great supporting performances that make the journey enjoyable -- Judah Friedlander as the friend, plus Alan Cumming as a "disgruntled ex-theme park employee," Amy Sedaris as "a horny bartending clown," and Debbie Harry as "a delusional mermaid."

The film is currently playing at the Cinema Village Theater in New York City, and will roll out to San Francisco, Florida, and other cities next month.