Friends with successful pens... What they write can be the ultimate compliment, especially if you get to have a hand in the story's creation, or an all-too revealing surprise riddled with personal information (like, say, Diary of a Sex Addict). Luckily, for Iain McConnell, it's the former; The Hollywood Reporter has posted that McConnell and his cousin, Jason Filardi, will be penning the story of his Korean wedding for Lionsgate.

Of course, "McConnell" isn't a Korean name, and this is where the Meet the Parents bit comes in. Iain was teaching English as a second language when he fell in love with a Korean woman. He proposed, and she said yes, but she had a catch: "Her Korean family must approve and they must have a traditional wedding in Korea." So, the guy packs up himself and his family and heads to Korea to make that happen. (If you're wondering what the wedding would be like, check out the pic at the right, and maybe watch Lane's wedding on Gilmore Girls.)

Filardi previously penned Bringing Down the House, which isn't the best flick out there, but he's also got Seventeen Again and the upcoming Topper remake on the way. So, this could be cute. But hopefully it won't be quite as painful to watch as Ben Stiller's version. That one's funny, but man, it pains me.
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