Tonight, the screens will be full of James McAvoy and his Wanted co-stars bending bullet paths and pulling off funky tricks usually relegated to superheroes. The storyline sounds a lot like The Matrix, but luckily that also means keeping one of the previous flick's best features: a tough-arse female mentor. Tonight, Angelina Jolie will put aside her drama and revel in toughness and assassin death, but she's not the only one to do so.

Before Jolie took on the role of Fox, Uma Thurman rocked as The Bride. Above is my favorite scene from the first volume of Kill Bill -- the insidious whistling hospital scene. Considering all the NSFW elements of the two films, I figured this whistling teaser would be best. (But if you want more violence, watch them fight here.) It's Daryl Hannah at her finest, and Uma Thurman getting a nice bout of shut-eye.

Of course, there are a million different films that somehow tie into Wanted. If you're looking for more mainstream, successful action, you might want to check out Christopher Campbell's list of top critically acclaimed action flicks over at Spout.

The Last Rewind Answer: Believe it or not, while consensus has picked Marlon Brando as the man who wasn't considered for Fear and Loathing, it was actually Dustin Hoffman.