Upon hearing the news that Paramount might be dropping out of ComicCon, my first thought was "Nowhow much longer will it be until we see Star Trekstuff?" I have an odd relationship with this movie -- I'm not a Trekkie, but I find myself devouring any bit of news that leaks out about J.J. Abrams' reboot. There are thousands of ways it could go right -- and about a million it could go wrong.

But now, an interesting glimpse into the new world of Trek has surfaced over on Ain't It Cool News. AICN founder Harry Knowles made a visit to Abrams' editing room, and is apparently the first person to see any footage of the film. While it always feels a bit cheesy to post someone else's set visit, we're talking about the top secret Star Trek! We take what we can get. From the sound of it, Abrams didn't even want to show or tell this much, so this will probably be the last anyone hears about it for months!

From Knowles' description of the footage he saw, things are still in a very rough stage, which explains why Paramount isn't racing to put it before San Diego audiences. But what is described sounds so very cool that I lament their absence even more. Obviously, a set visit is subjective, and I always read all such reports with skepticism planted firmly in my mind. But read it, and see if you don't feel the same way.

I can't post the entire thing here -- but I will post my (and Knowles) favorite bit. He was allowed to see a scene where a newly graduated Starfleet class is assigned their ships. For those wanting to avoid spoilers, I'll post it after the jump.
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