Empirehas the exclusive premiere of the U.S. trailer for Disney's newest animated (and 3-D!) feature, Bolt. You'll have to click over there to see it, but remember to hurry back and tell us what you thought. Bolt is the story of a four-legged television star who believes his daring escapades are real. But when he finds himself lost in New York City, he has to recognize his ordinariness and find his way home. According to the magazine, early footage is reminiscent of Toy Story, which intrigues me more than the trailer actually does. Don't get me wrong, it's a cute trailer, but it has that standard Disney feel with the sarcastic sidekicks and obvious jokes. But I do love that hamster -- he sells me on it! He's adorable, and brings back happy memories of my childhood hamsters who also used their rollerballs for violent stunts.