There's even more casting news on the Son of Mourning front, which is making this whole flick seem even sweeter. However, before I get to that, the project got itself a name change. In the casting news that went up at The Hollywood Reporter, it's said that the film will drop the "U" and now be called Son of Morning. That's ... a totally different tone.

Anyway, on the heels of a couple Sopranos stars, Jesse Bradford, Steven Weber, Bob Odenkirk, and the ever-wonderful Edward Herrmann have signed on to the satire. The movie stars Joseph Cross as a copywriter who goes home to think over his parent's divorce, and "after a series of environmental disasters, is mistaken for Jesus Christ." How does that work? Does a hurricane hit that has clouds shaped in such a way that they look like this guy? Does he go to a costume party dressed as Jesus when all this badness hits? I don't get it.

Of course, people like Bradford, who plays a Hollywood agent, and Weber, who plays a lieutenant governer, descend upon the poor dude to capitalize on his new-found fame. Odenkirk will play the guy's co-worker, and finally Herrmann will be the new Jesus' father figure and mentor. You can't do much better than that.
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