The script for Terminator Salvation must be all kinds of magic, because it's attracting the most unlikely of people. The Hollywood Reporterannounced today that Helena Bonham Carter is in talks to join the cast, which already includes some pretty fine actors. Exactly who or what she will play is not mentioned, merely that her part is "small, but pivotal."

So, let the speculation begin! As Sarah Connor has morphed to a lovely brunette Lena Headey in The Sarah Connor Chronicles, perhaps she will be playing her in a flashback? (I know, the television show is on a separate mythology/timeline as the films, but I have to consider all the possibilities.) Could she be a Terminator model, despite her petiteness? A vital designer of SkyNet? A baker who comes up with an industrious way to dispose of fallen soldiers and feed what's left of humanity? I'm at a loss here.

Bonham Carter has certainly moved away from her Merchant and Ivory days. Who would have ever thought the adorable Lucy Honeychurch was going to be Bellatrix Lestrange, let alone go post-apocalyptic? Oddly, her attachment interests me far more than even Christian Bale's. And there, I have to hand it to McG -- every time I think my vague interest in this movie is dead, he finds a way to stir it up again.

Terminator Salvation is aiming to hit theatres on May 22nd, 2009. That is going to be one enormous summer, isn't it?
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