There seems to benoend to THINKFilm's monetary problems, which have plagued not only the company, but also the productions that have been picked up by the ailing business. But at least one of them has found a way out.

The Hollywood Reporter posts that Momma's Man has received a handy life preserver from the likes of Kino International, an independent film distributor. The film, which was acquired by THINKFilm back in March (an acquisition announcement was made, but producers say that negotiations were ongoing), had premiered at Sundance this year.

Momma's Man, which sounds reminiscent of Full Grown Men, focuses on a man (Matt Boren) who decides to escape from his life. During a business trip to New York, the guy visits his parents, "and decides to stay, leaving his wife and child behind." Filmmaker Azazel Jacobs even cast his own parents in the film -- underground filmmaker Ken Jacobs and Flo Jacobs.

The film will get a limited release in New York on August 22, and LA on September 5, before a DVD release in early 2009.* Now I can only hope the rest of the pictures find similar luck. The company might be in trouble monetarily, but they know how to pick interesting features.

*Assumed 2009, as THR says "early 2008 DVD release."
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