While the text accompanying the images might be in Italian (any readers want to lend a hand and translate?), the pictures that Dario Argento threw up for his new film Giallo speak for themselves. You can see one above, plus lots more on Argento's site of Adrien Brody (who plays Inspector Enza Avolfi) -- both doing his thing and chatting with Argento, plus a little bit of blood and death, and a few shots of Emmanuelle Seigner (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly), who plays Linda. The pair team up in the film to find her sister, who has been grabbed by a serial killer named Yellow.

While this is sure to be eerie, the whole back story to this flick amuses me. Vincent Gallo signed on in January to play the killer to Ray Liotta's Inspector. Then Gallo backed out because he didn't want to work with Dario's daughter, Asia. But now Ray and Asia are out, Adrien and Emmanuelle are in, and good ol' Vinnie should've waited it out (Yellow is now being played by newcomer Byron Deidra).

Giallo is due out next year.
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