I can't wait for Halloween, when I'm going to be dressing up as Batman, courtesy of Dominos. Among the pizza chain's many tie-ins with this summer's The Dark Knightarethese cool pizza boxes, which include separate parts to a cardboard-costume whole. Yes, you'll have to order a number of pizzas to complete your outfit, and there will likely be grease stains all over your utility belt, but your other option is to actually buy a costume ... and go hungry.

Actually, I just remembered that I'm going to be out of the country on Halloween. But when I return, I want to see lots of you Cinematical readers fashioned in Dominos-catered Batman costumes and taking part in our annual costume contest. In the meantime, be sure to check out the Dominos Dark Knight vault, which features details on everything from a special Gotham City meal deal to multiple sweepstakes. And apparently if you order a pizza through the website, you'll gain access to other goodies, like clips, wallpapers, artwork and an exclusive new trailer ... which you may or may not be able to watch after the jump.