I wonder if the poster powers that be realized the monster they were creating when they whipped up that memorable poster for The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Since Steve Carell's virginal, bright smile graced walls and billboards everywhere, tons of comedies have followed suit, throwing up their takes on the one-face, and Pineapple Express is no exception.

Following the trio poster Jessica posted about in April, Trailer Addict has premiered two new posters, one highlighting Seth Rogen's happily high face, and the other showcasing James Franco's verrrry happy high face. You can see both above, and click to check out larger versions over at TA. They're cute, but man, I hope this trend ends before a really great movie gets burned by the annoyance brought on by a repetitive poster.

Luckily, nothing has deterred me from Pineapple Express yet. 38 days to go until we get lots of stoner action set to the tune of Huey Lewis!