Hancock"I had to pay you money on the side and basically push you down to make you kiss me."

Will Smith is an undisputed box office god; Charlize Theron is that rare former model with an Oscar. But it's their 'Hancock' co-star Jason Bateman who's the star of their riotous Unscripted interview ... and not just because of his insistence that the drop-dead gorgeous Theron is really just a guy with a wig on.

You'll also find out about a cable series that could star Theron as a too-tall superhero, the perils of shooting flying scenes (the pinching!) and the constant threat of Will's breaking out the "hot four."

Be sure to check out this bonus clip in which Bateman alludes naughtily to his 'Silver Spoons' days. Aww, I used to love me some 'Silver Spoons.'

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