Sinister plans and prison releases are nothing new to the world of cinema. You've got everything from Snake Plissken having an explosive implanted within him so that he will save the President, to Leito getting led back to District 13 to help a cop defuse a bomb. But now we're getting an old story of corruption on the big screen. Variety reports that Leverage and producer Charlie Loventhal have teamed up to adapt Jim Thompson's 1953 novel Recoil, with Ralph Pezzullo writing the script.

The project will focus on a man named Pat Cosgrove. He's sent to prison for bank robbery, and is ineligible for parole because he doesn't have a sponsor. Then a dude named Doc Luther pops up, and offers him a job and sponsorship. But the job isn't all work and owage -- it's fishy generosity. He gets housing, cash, cars, and clothing, without having to do much, if any, work. Then, as Variety describes it, he's "set up for murder by the same corrupt political insiders who sponsored his parole." And people say it's rough on the inside...

This could be a fun flick, and it's definitely not the first Thompson text to hit the screen. It's just been a while. The last time his work hit the film world, it was for This World, Then the Fireworks in 1997, but the writer, who died back in 1977, was also the pen behind The Getaway, The Grifters, and After Dark, My Sweet.
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